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The Attuned

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Excerpt from The Attunement

The following is an excerpt from The Attuned. Enjoy!
- Gary

Soon, the only source of light was a sliver of a moon in the western night sky. Not enough to help. I could not see where I was going at all. Was I still in the middle of the river? Or was I approaching a bank, and about to take a tree branch full in the face? Was I coming up on dangerous rapids that would overturn me in pitch black water that was flowing too fast for me to stay afloat?

And what was that smell? A horrific stench began abusing my nostrils. The fumes entered my bloodstream along with the oxygen and went straight to my brain. My headache intensified, I became a little dizzy for a moment and the nausea intensified.

There was a breeze in my face, but was it really a breeze? Or was the night air still and it was me that was moving quickly in a fast river channel? I wondered if I should lie down in the bottom of the skiff in case I ran into some of those low lying tree branches I had imagined. Or maybe I should remain alert, eyes wide open and vulnerable, in case I were able to see some something in time to avoid it, despite the pitch black of night.

As I began getting the sensation of moving faster, the distinct sound of white water became clear as it rose above the ringing in my ears.

Uh oh.

The Attuned ...a novel by Gary B. Haley. � 2017, all rights reserved.